Lockdown Songs – Day 2


I’ve had a positive response and some lovely comments following on from yesterday’s videos. Comments included one four year old saying ‘That was fun. Have you got another one’ and ‘Our daughter loved doing these today. I think you’ve got your first fan in Sweden!’

Today’s video is aimed at children aged two years and older, but younger ones should also be able to participate with some extra assistance from adults.

Day 2 – Welcome, Four Red Apples and Goodbye Everyone

Hope you enjoy the video and the next one will be posted on Monday. In the meantime, I’d love to hear how the children are reacting to and engaging with the videos so far.

Jimmy and I look forward to sharing our music making with you next week. Keep safe and have an enjoyable weekend.


2 thoughts on “Lockdown Songs – Day 2

  1. Hi Janey,Have just done this with Poppy. A message from Poppy “I loved your songs I hope you do another one tomorrow, please do another one tomorrow” love them. Nicola (Vince, Poppy and Jessamys mummy)


    1. Hi Nicola. Delighted Poppy is enjoying the videos. I’ve just recorded tomorrow’s songs, so you can let Poppy know I’ll ‘see’ her tomorrow. Keep safe and keep making music. Janey x


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