Monday Morning Music 45


I hope you’ve had a good week and you’re ready for some music making.

For today’s video you will need a scarf for the peekaboo song and your little ones may want to rock and bounce a cuddly toy or sibling during the lullaby and knee-bobbing songs.

In the last few days I made the announcement that my first classes in my new venue, at the home of Bromley Youth Music Trust, will be starting on Tuesday 6th July.  

I am now taking bookings on:

Next week will be the last regular Monday for a few weeks. As these regular videos are drawing to a close, I’d love to receive any photos or comments about how your children have responded to these videos. I hope you enjoy this week’s blog. Once the new video is on the website, I’ll also post on Instagram (maxwellminimusic), Twitter (@maxwell_mini) and Facebook. Jimmy and friends look forward to seeing you then.

Have a fun, musical week and keep singing.

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