Schools and Nurseries


In addition to parent and child classes, Janey also teaches regular music classes in a range of settings

Nursery Schools  

Janey provides weekly music classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers in a local nursery school.  These use traditional songs and rhymes along with lycra, puppets and instruments. These classes offer opportunities for children to discover their singing voices and through movement and actions start to internalise a sense of pulse.


Janey has been delivering the whole school music curriculum and choirs in primary schools in London Borough of Bromley since 2009.

Also since September 2018, Janey has been employed by Bromley Youth Music Trust as a peripatetic music teacher delivering whole class music curriculum to children up to Year 4.  In this role I also run a school choir and a lunchtime singing games club for Early Years and KS1 pupils.