Maxwell Mini Music provides independent, fun and educational music classes for children aged from birth to school starters. All classes have a clear structure, one which the children and adults will become familiar with over time.

In the early years, the most influential teachers are a child’s parents and primary caregivers. Maxwell Mini Music aims to empower these adults with the means and confidence to make music both within classes, but more importantly, throughout the week. By encouraging communicative musicality, young children and those closest to them, can engage in conversations without words. Parents and carers are encouraged to participate in all classes as this enriches the children’s experience and they become more involved and engaged. Music has the potential to assist in a child’s development, but every child should also have the opportunity to experience the joy in making music with those they love. Janey is keen to join you and your little ones on this important early musical journey with.

Janey is an Early Years tutor with the British Kodály Academy and is currently studying an MA in Early Years Education (Music) at the Centre for Research in Early Childhood at Birmingham City University. Janey’s classes are inspired by the music education philosophy of Zoltán Kodály and also incorporate new research relating to early years music and development.

Details of the individual classes are as follows:

Babies 0 – 18 months

An opportunity for parents and carers to learn new songs for sharing with baby to enhance bonding and personal development.

Bobblers 18-36 months

For young children who have found their feet and are becoming more mobile. This class develops ideas and activities with familiar and new songs.

Jumplings 36 months+

These classes develop the ideas and skills from Babies and Bobblers groups and also devote time to music and games providing opportunities to develop fine motor skills and the children’s singing voices.

From the Autumn Term 2021, classes have been held in our new venue, Bromley Youth Music Trust, Southborough Lane BR2 8AA. Classes for the Summer Term 2022 start on Tuesday 19th April.

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Classes prior to Covid-19

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