And we’re off!!

Today was the first ever session of Maxwell Mini Music.  We had 8 lovely youngsters aged between 3 and 10 months and their cheerful, smiling parents.

The summer ‘one-off’ trial sessions are only lasting 30 minutes, but we managed to pack lots into the time: Calm cello music to get us in the mood; a welcome song; followed by exercises, action songs, a listening exercise, a game of peekaboo, high and low movement, keeping the beat, some rocking and rounding everything off with a goodbye song. 

Some of the babies discovered the instruments are rather tasty but also make a lovely sound.  The scarves for playing peekaboo were also a great success. The comments voiced by two parents on the suitability of the instruments for this age group, especially the baby jingle bells, were very welcome.

Most of the mums were able to stay and chat and it was lovely to see some new friendships in the making.

Looking forward to meeting this lovely group again over the next few weeks.