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Month: February 2020

Budapest Study Tour – Part 2

Today was the second full day of the British Kodály Academy’s Early Years Study Tour to Budapest. We used public transport to travel to Városligeti fasori Kindergarten, within the city limits. The Kindergarten was built in 1911 and since 1930 has served as the main music training centre for Kindergarten teachers for Budapest. There are five classes in the Kindergarten broadly arranged according to age (markedly different from yesterday’s visit) with between 20 and 24 children per class. I was amazed to discover that this Kindergarten of around around 100… Read more Budapest Study Tour – Part 2

Kodály Study Tour

Looking forward to my trip to Hungary next week. I’m off to Budapest with the British Kodály Academy for an Early Years study tour. We’re visiting a number of Kindergartens and Primary Schools and attending a number of workshops. Watch this space to share in my Kodály adventure.