Summer Term

The Summer Term classes start on Monday 11th April and continue every Monday (except Bank Holidays) until 18th July.

Bobblers (early walkers) starts at 10:00 and the Babies Class (from 4 months) starts at 11:00. Both sessions last about 40-45 minutes and we pack lots into the time: Calm music to get us in the mood; a welcome song; followed by exercises, action songs, games of peekaboo, high and low movement, keeping the beat, tickle songs, some rocking and rounding everything off with a goodbye song.

The children love it when the instruments appear although some of the Babies are more interested in how the instruments taste rather than the sounds they make.  The scarves for playing peekaboo are always a great success. The children also seem to take great pleasure in the ‘tidy up’ song – hopefully a useful tune to continue using at home!

I currently have spaces in both the Bobblers and Babies classes.

If you’d like to find out more and take advantage of a free session, contact Janey on 07762 102732 or