Tuesday Morning Classes

Classes have now been running for a couple of weeks. It’s been great meeting new mums, grandparents and children and getting to know them. Spaces are still available and it would be lovely to welcome more families to the sessions.

The booking link is:


If you’d like more info, check the website or contact janey on 07762 102732 or maxwellminimusic@gmail.com

Autumn Terms starts next week

Details of the individual classes are as follows:

Babies 0 – 18 months

An opportunity for parents and carers to learn new songs for sharing with baby, to enhance bonding and personal development.

Bobblers 18-36 months

For young children who have found their feet and are becoming more mobile. This class develops ideas and activities with familiar and new songs.

Jumplings 36 months+

These classes develop the ideas and skills from Babies and Bobblers groups and also devote time to music providing opportunities to develop fine motor skills and the children’s singing voices.

Autumn Term 1 starts on 14th September and Autumn term 2 on 2nd November. Both terms have five sessions and trials are available.  

Book your place now at: