Happy post! Happy families!

I’ve recently received some lovely feedback from parents and I’m delighted to be able to share their comments. My Kodály-inspired classes are held in the centre of Beckenham on Monday mornings. Come and join the fun.


‘My 2 year old daughter has been going to Maxwell Mini Music sessions since she was 6 months old. She loves singing and the physicality of the sessions. She has learnt lots of songs and sings them all the time at home. She has developed a good sense of beat and she’s developing an understanding of pitch and is singing in tune.

Janey is an expert in early years children’s musical education. She is always enthusiastic and passionate about what she does. She has developed a lovely relationship with my daughter who gets so excited about going every week’.


‘You are doing such an amazing job and Sophie has learnt so much from the music experience not only in terms of singing and actually making music that includes an every increasing awareness of pitch and rhythm but also in terms of gaining confidence in learning about numbers, words, lyrics and texts in familiar and enjoyable contexts making her a much more independent young girl. She is not even four yet and is already willing to perform to others. Furthermore, your teaching has helped her to develop her social skills and she has learnt how to interact with others ever more meaningfully as they played and performed together in teams. And all this within a totally and huge fun and positive atmosphere.

For me, as her grandma, it was a very special time and I hugely enjoyed seeing her and the others grow, interact and perform with increasing confidence and at the same time enjoying every event hugely’.


‘My daughter started at Maxwell Mini Music when she was just walking and had a phenomenal time learning to sing with Janey. The groups were extremely upbeat with both fun dances and some instruments too. By the time she started primary school she had developed the beginnings of a musical ear and tone in her singing as well as a real love for the teacher Janey!’


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