Budapest Study Tour – Part 5

Today was the final day of the BKA’s trip and we celebrated the life and work of Kodály by visiting his birthplace in the town of Kecskemét.

The town is the home of The Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. They offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree and short study programmes to music educators from around the world. There is a wide range of classes and individuals sessions available for students to sign up for and the building seemed to be full of music. We had an hour long session practical with Dr Kata Asztalos following on from her lecture on Wednesday afternoon.

The visit to the town concluded with a change to wander around and play ‘spot the Kodály memorial, statue and plaque’- there were a lot of them! It was a delight to have a chance to visit this town where they celebrate their most famous son.

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