Lockdown Songs – Day 1

Hello. I had great fun yesterday recording a couple of video clips, ably assisted by Jimmy.

Meet Jimmy

What a steep learning curve! Trying to cope with the technology, camera angles and cats have added to the excitement. I’ve also realised that sunny afternoons don’t help as the sun shines directly into our living room – so I had to close the blinds! You live and learn.

The plan is to release one clip a day, Monday to Friday, whilst we’re in lockdown. To start though, here are two videos which are linked.

Video one is directed at walking children aged over 18 months (my Bobblers and Jumplings groups) plus it is suitable for Reception children. Once the children are happy with this song and the actions, it ties in nicely with the second video.

Day 1 – Video One – Touch Your Shoulders

Video two is directed towards babes in arms and includes three songs, the second of which is a sitting down version of video one.

Day 1 – Video Two – Welcome, Touch Your Shoulders and Goodbye Everyone

Enjoy! I look forward to posting another video tomorrow.

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