Lockdown Songs – Day 3


I hope you’ve had an enjoyable weekend. I’ve had some lovely comments over the last couple of days saying how much you’ve enjoyed the first two videos. My favourite response has been from a fellow music teacher who said her son enjoyed the videos and ‘tapped his knees for the first time whilst watching’ and also sent me this wonderful photo of him.

For today’s video you’ll need a scarf as the video includes a peekaboo song. This video is aimed at all children from four months upwards. In the second song, older children might want to take turns in hiding family members or hide their favourite cuddly toy.

Day 3 – Welcome, Peeketty Boo and Goodbye Everyone

Today, in addition to having Jimmy with me I also have Max the Monkey.

Jimmy and Max

I hope you enjoy this video and the next one will be posted tomorrow. In the meantime, I’d love to hear how the children are reacting to and engaging with the videos so far.

Max, Jimmy and I look forward to sharing our music making with you this week. Keep safe.

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