Lockdown Songs – Day 6


Hope you’re keeping safe.

Today’s video includes a bouncing song. However, if you have older children and some space, rather than sitting, they may prefer to walk or gallop during the second song.

Day 6 – Welcome, Clip Clop and Goodbye Everyone

I hope you enjoy today’s video. The next one will be posted tomorrow and I’ll also post on Instagram (maxwellminimusic) and Twitter (@maxwell_mini) once the new video is on the website.

I’ve received some wonderful comments over the last couple of days. One comment was ‘ the three song structure works really well. Gives structure and always something they will know.’ A recent highlight was receiving some short video clips which the mum has suggested I share here. The children are 20 and 45 months old and are getting familiar with my Goodbye song.

Please keep your comments, photos and videos coming as they’re brightening my days.

Jimmy, Max and I look forward sharing some more songs with you tomorrow.

Take care.


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