Lockdown Songs – Day 21


I hope you’re keeping alert, safe and healthy.

Today’s video includes one of my favourite songs from my classes. The second song is a dance and is often the highlight of the sessions as the children obviously enjoy it. With a group we would usually pause after each rendition so they can find a new partner. I’ve left shorter pauses on the video as theoretically there’s less choice of who to dance with! If you’ve got babes in arms, hold them in your arms and dance around the room.

Day 21 – Welcome, Jump Jim Joe and Goodbye Everyone

I will be posting the next video on Monday. In the meantime, please revisit the previous videos. In the early years, children derive the greatest pleasure and musical benefit when they revisit familiar songs. Repetition is vital to develop the skills needed to participate in a song or chant and its actions and also helps them acquire the concept and joy of anticipation. If you’re curious about who I am and the philosophy behind my teaching, please check out my ‘Meet Janey’ and ‘About Kodály’ pages.

Please keep your videos, photos and comments coming as they’re brighten up my days.

Keep safe, keep singing and have a fun weekend.

Jimmy & Max

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