Lockdown Songs – Day 26


Hope you’re keeping healthy and safe.

Today’s video includes a song for moving around the room, either independently or if you have a babe in arms, you can change the actions for them.

Day 26 – Welcome, Down The Road and Goodbye Everyone

Next week is a school holiday in England and I will be taking a break from daily postings. In the meantime, may I suggest you revisit the previous videos. At this early age, children derive the greatest pleasure and musical benefit when they revisit familiar songs.

If you’re curious about who I am and the philosophy behind my teaching, please check out my ‘Meet Janey’ and ‘About Kodály’ pages.

Please keep your videos, photos and comments coming as they brighten up my days.

Keep safe and have a good week.

Jimmy and Max

‘He who begins life with music will have this reflecting on his future like golden sunshine.’

Zoltán Kodály

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