Lockdown Songs and more

I’ve been putting my mind to next week and my Summer Sessions and part of this has involved reviewing my 50 videos over the last few months.

I’ve just put together a grid of the songs and rhymes used so far, which will hopefully make it easier for you to find your favourites.

Song/RhymeLockdown BlogLockdown Blog
A Little Frog In A Pond Am I 2544
Alice The Camel3744
Andy Pandy1445
Apple Tree2046
Caterpillar On The Ground23
Clap Clap Clap Your Hands443
Clap Clap Hands1547
Clip Clop648
Diddly Diddly Dee3344
Down The Road26
Everybody Sing With Me 39
Feet feet Feet Feet3049
Fingers Like To Wiggle35
Four Red Apples2
Hi Lo Chickalo3850
I Have A Little Pony18
I Have One Friend2247
Jack In The Box1145
Jump Jump Jump Jim Joe2150
Jumpy Jumpy4146
Lady Lady2450
Lullaby My Baby16
Oliver Twist1743
Peeketty Peeketty Peeketty Boo342
Rain Is Falling Down3145
Roly Poly Roly Poly Up Up Up 747
Roly Poly Up Up Up1950
Sally Go Round The Sun40
See The Ponies Galloping848
Sleep Baby Sleep29
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear2746
There’s A Spider On My Toe547
Touch Your Shoulders143
Goodbye EveryoneAllAll
Let’s Be Quiet32
Little Baby Fast Asleep1242
Little Mice Go Creeping13
Walking In The Rain 949
Welcome EverybodyAllAll
Where Is Georgie?1042
Where Oh Where Are All the Babies?3442

Lockdown Blogs 1 – 41 all included one song plus the Welcome and Goodbye songs and last for about 5 minutes. Blogs 42 – 50 were themed blogs, including 5 or 6 songs and rhymes and are up to 14 minutes in length. Hope the list proves useful and encourages you and your little musicians to revisit the blogs.

I’ll be back on Monday with a new style video, including numerous songs and rhymes involving different types of participation.

Take care. See you next week. Goodbye from me and the gang!

Jimmy, Freddie, Janey & Max

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