Monday Morning Music 5


I hope you’ve had a good week and it wasn’t too hot for you. Personally, I’m delighted it’s cooler but it would still be nice to still see the sun.

For today’s video a scarf would be fun for the dance but isn’t essential. Although today’s songs are shown standing up, some songs can be adapted for sitting down if you prefer.

This week I received this lovely message: “We are really enjoying the longer format and do a video most mornings as soon as we get up.  Dylan loves the peekaboo song (little baby is his favourite!) and the lullabies.  He has been singing the peekaboo songs to Ayla which is wonderful to watch. I think you are really contributing to the musical education of both our children, Ayla recognises many songs now and this morning Dylan paused the video to play the Jack In The Box tune on the piano, and the other day I heard him playing Roly Poly on his glockenspiel while singing along!”

If you have any comments or photos you’d like to share with me, I’d be delighted to receive them.

Note to self: try not to fall over on the next video! Can you spot where I nearly took a tumble? I considered recording the video, but thought it’d provide you with some extra entertainment!

I hope you enjoy today’s video. Next week’s video will be posted next Monday and I’ll also post on Facebook, Instagram (maxwellminimusic) and Twitter (@maxwell_mini) once it’s on the website.

Have a good week, take care and keep singing.


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