Monday Morning Music 23


I hope you and your loved ones are fit and healthy and you’re coping with the new ‘joys’ of Tier 4. I hope the recent news hasn’t put a stop to your Christmas plans. To try and lift the mood, this week’s video includes some seasonal fun.

If you have some bells or something that jingles you may want to have those to hand. Towards the end, there’s a lullaby so children may wish to rock their favourite cuddly toy (or sibling) during that song. Although all of today’s songs are shown standing up, some of the songs can be adapted for sitting down if you prefer. Christmas jumpers and silly hats are optional!

If you manage to capture any photos or videos of your little ones in Christmas outfits watching today’s video I’d love to see them. It’s important now, more than ever, to take delight in the simple pleasures and spread happiness as much as possible.

I hope my videos go some way towards brightening your days. The next video will be posted in the New Year and I’ll also post on Facebook, Instagram (maxwellminimusic) and Twitter (@maxwell_mini) once it’s on the website.

Have a safe, unusual but loving Christmas and keep singing.

Happy Christmas from Janey and all her friends!

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