Monday Morning Music 37


I hope you’ve had a good couple of weeks and you’re ready for some Monday morning music making.

For today’s video you will need a scarf for the peekaboo song and your little ones may want to rock and bounce a cuddly toy or sibling during the lullaby and knee-bobbing songs.

I’d be delighted to receive any photos or comments about how your children are responding to these videos.

I’ve recently had a number of enquiries about when face-to-face classes will resume. I’ve yet to find a location that fits in with my timetable and is happy for classes to take place this term. As soon as I’ve made progress on that front, I’ll post on the website.

I hope you enjoy this week’s blog. The next one will be posted next Monday and once the new video is on the website, I’ll also post on Instagram (maxwellminimusic), Twitter (@maxwell_mini) and Facebook. Jimmy and friends look forward to seeing you then.

Take care and keep singing.

Jimmy, Max & Jemima

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