Lockdown Songs – Day 9


Hope you’re keeping safe.


What a change in the weather since the weekend. Today is the perfect weather for jumping in puddles, which is the theme of today’s new song. The video is aimed at walking children but if you have younger children, bounce them on your knee until the ‘jump’: they’ll get to experience the beat and still enjoy the anticipation and joy of jumping.

Day 9 – Welcome, Walking In The Rain and Goodbye Everyone

I hope you enjoy today’s video and get the chance to go outside to jump in some real puddles.

Please keep your comments, photos and videos coming as they will brighten up this rather dull looking day. The next video will be posted tomorrow and, as always, I’ll also post on Instagram (maxwellminimusic) and Twitter (@maxwell_mini) once the new video is on the website.

Take care.

Max & Jimmy

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