Lockdown Songs – Day 10

Hello and welcome!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s video. Did you get outside to jump in some puddles? I went out for a walk early this morning and discovered this enormous puddle. What fun!

An enormous puddle! What fun!

This video is aimed at all children from about four months upwards. The second song involves peekaboo, so you’ll need a scarf. Older children might want to take turns in hiding family members or hiding their favourite cuddly toy.

Day 10 – Welcome, Where Is Jimmy? and Goodbye Everyone

I hope you enjoy today’s video. Please keep your comments, photos and videos coming as they brighten up my day. The next video will be posted tomorrow and, as always, I’ll also post on Instagram (maxwellminimusic) and Twitter (@maxwell_mini) once the new video is on the website.

Take care.


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